Our work is only possible because of donations from YOU!
Your  financial support will help to create a special place of hope, healing and reflection for families and friends, coping with the death of a child. 
We can assure you that your tax-deductible donation to Memories of Missing Smiles, Inc.,  will be used with great prudence and care.  Your generous donation of any amount will be invested in the continued development and maintenance of the M.O.M.S. Park at Jervey Gantt.   We understand that this is a tough economic time, and that there are many  non-profits requesting your support.  We hope that you will view the Memories of Missing Smiles mission, worthy of your contribution.  
Ways to Donate:
1.  Click on the "Donate" button above to make your contribution online.
2.  Mail to:  M.O.M.S.
                 P.O. Box 684
                 Ocala, FL  34478
3.  In person at any Regions Bank branch in Marion County


In our Hearts Forever........







A  donation has been made to the M.O.M.S. Park

In Memory Of:


Tyler Fox
Love, Ron, Muriel, Karla & Mike
Katie Ann Mobley
monthly contributions made
in memory of Katie!  
Love, The Mobley family

Kyle Sadler
from Sara Sadler, 12/24/2016
Paul Cousins
from Fran and Bill Cousins
Katie Ann Mobley
from the Mobley family, 5/12/16, 7/9/16, 8/18/16, 10/8/16, 11/12/16
James Khoury Marlow
from Saaks 5th Avenue, 5/6/2016
Tyler Fox
from Ron, Muriel, Karla & Mike, 4/22/2016 - Always in our hearts.
Tyler Fox
from Mona Kelly, 4/27/2016
Kyle Sadler 
from Dan Harvey, 4/26/2016